Eamonn Edge

In college, I was on my way to being a journalist when I took an internet publications class which included a large design component. It was in that class I discovered a career which could combine my interest in art with my journalism education, and I have been working in the graphic design and communications fields ever since.

Over the last five years, I have become very interested in how user experience (UX) and audience personas inform a design project; improving the way content is delivered and accessed. Almost at the same time, I was part of a large web migration project and had some in depth exposure to web accessibility efforts and realized these standards could be considered simultaneously with UX and personas. This has lead to a more audience-focused communications and design approach, helping to make print, web, and digital projects more targeted and successful.

I am a graduate of UMass Amherst, with degrees in journalism and communication, and am currently based in New England, with clients in several locations in the US.

When not at my desk, I enjoy movies, travel, and baking. I like to bake—a lot. I am getting pretty handy with cupcakes and making my own frosting. I have made an effort during the pandemic to learn and try new things. I am currently working on upping my running distance and learning Spanish via a podcast.

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