Work samples for Yale School of Medicine Development Office

I spent over seventeen years in Yale’s Office of Development’s Marketing and Communications group, where I was responsible for both print and digital design materials in support of fundraising efforts for schools and units (including some for the School of Medicine), as well as donor recognition events. I am well-versed in Yale’s brand and identity standards, website CMS systems, and ensure all my projects are accessibility-minded.

Below are projects I collected to highlight some past Yale work, projects for other academic and non-profit institutions, and my approach to design; bold use of color and imagery, clean and modern type treatments, and clear arrangement of information. Please do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions.

I look forward to working with you in support of the Yale School of Medicine.

Do you Elihu? logo

Do you Elihu? wordmark

Elihu Day was created as a day to recognize donors across Yale’s campus. Students would stop at booths on different quads and sign thank-you cards that then got sent to donors. “Do you Elihu?” was coined as a catch phrase to ask “Do you say thanks?” and this wordmark was designed for use on many different materials, to be unique for Yale, and to use the university color palette.

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Access Yale logo

Access Yale wordmark

Access Yale was a two-year financial aid fundraising initiative. The task was to create a ‘very Yale’ and very simple wordmark. I used the official university wordmark and paired it with lowercase ‘access’, which is italicized to convey a nod to motion.

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Slifka Center campaign logo

Slifka Center Building Forward campaign wordmark

The Slifka Center recently embarked on a capital fundraising campaign and needed a wordmark + color palette, case statement, and stationery materials. They also needed an update to their existing logo, both for the campaign and to bridge to a new look/feel after the campaign concludes. The chosen concept made use of Yale colors and paired that with a unique type setting.

Slifka Center Building Forward logo (opens in new window)

Miami Studies logo

Miami Studies logo

Please note this project is in progress (concepts shown are under consideration).

The Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab is preparing to launch this program and needed a logo that spoke to elements of Miami, culture, and community. The concept on the left combines a relevant font with a multi-purpose graphic (overhead view of downtown, exclamation point pair, and area color palette). The concept on the right makes use of a strong, bold ‘M’ with geometric pattern representing pieces coming together to a whole.

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Amherst Psychotherapy Practice logo

Amherst Psychotherapy Practice logo

A new practice was opening locally and they wanted a logo to use on multiple print and digital materials. The one thing they knew was that they wanted a tree to be part of the end product. I did some research on local trees, workshopped a few ideas, and we ended with this option that melds an abstract tree with a person. The graphic portion was created with a multiple color palette in mind.

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Mt. Carmel Woodwork logo

Mt. Carmel Woodwork logo

A local Connecticut fireman is also a woodworker and he wanted a logo that conveyed what he did (hearkening back to when signs hung outside a shop to show the trade). After sitting with the project for a bit and trying a few tools, I created a simple graphic showing the chisel in use and the scrapings are forming a “C” for Carmel.

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Annual report cover

Florida International University WPHL annual report

The WPHL at Florida International University needed a designed, digital annual report that showcased their accomplishments and programming over the course of the academic year within a quick timeframe. I worked with the lab’s leadership to present their work in a compelling, modern way while staying within the FIU branding and identity.

Florida International University WPHL annual report

Annual report cover

Florida International University WPHL “Coffee & Conversations” series flyer

The WPHL at Florida International University started hosting virtual discussions during the pandemic. The WPHL needed a digital flyer that could easily be shared, feature all the book covers, and include a link to access the talks (this was accomplished by replicating a button look on the flyer). In addition to the flyer, there were also companion Twitter and Facebook graphics, as well as individual talk intro slates to begin each discussion. I am currently finishing materials for the next series.

Florida International University WPHL “C&C” flyer (PDF opens in new window)
Sample Facebook graphic (opens in new window)
Sample Twitter graphic (opens in new window)

Trinity Giving Day graphic

Trinity College Giving Day materials

Trinity College asked me to partner with them on their giving day this year. They wanted a bold, versatile wordmark that would be used on print and for several digital purposes. Given the large social marketing they were planning, I made full use of their color palette and created an attention grabbing suite. This concept started with an abstract shape of a beak (from their mascot) and built from there. A sampling of the materials created are linked to below.

Facebook ad topper graphic | Instagram square | “I gave” shareable graphic | Postcard
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TAG Week postcard front

Trinity College TAG Week materials

Originally tasked to do a simple update of the prior year’s layout, I also presented a concept that included student athletes to help make the case for support. This new concept was chosen and included a companion email header, Facebook graphic, and mascot + yellow graphic overlay that could be tailored by individual coaching staff as needed.

Postcard | Email header | Facebook graphic | Overlay graphic
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TAG Week postcard front

Trinity College Admissions Roadshow postcard

The College needed an engaging, attractive postcard to send to prospective students, inviting them to attend a virtual information session. Being conscious of the campus status, I used a beauty shot of campus with no students with color blocks to add a dynamic element. The front had a gray placeholder for QR codes that were to be generated and inserted.

Postcard (PDF opens in new window)

TAG Week postcard front

Trinity College year end direct mailer

Trinity asked to partner on a calendar year end direct piece that could be a self mailer and house a reply envelope. I designed a piece that was attractive and used their full color palette, as well as making language, callout, and message highlighting suggestions to help make the case for financial support. I also coordinated with their print vendor to make sure all the technical needs were met (USPS requirements, variable printing, etc.). Two versions of this mailer were done and then they asked for an additional spring version because they liked the layout so much.

Direct mailer in opening stages and in full (PDF opens in new window)

Representation of publication cover

Yale Cancer Center case statement

This piece was a fundraising case statement for the cancer center in New Haven. In addition to design, I was onsite for art direction of photography and handled the photo logistics, and took care of the print management. This piece was printed as a full run, but could now be produced via a high-quality, on demand method.

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Representation of publication cover

Yale School of Public Health Centennial fundraising booklet

This was a fundraising publication produced for the 100th anniversary of the school. In addition to design, I handled some onsite photography direction and the print management. This piece was printed as a full run, but could now be produced via a high-quality, on demand method.

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Photo of two invitations on table

Yale Explores postcard invitations

Yale Explores was a Yale alumni and community touring event series geared toward increasing connection and engagement. The design elements were made to work together (ie, on the postcard) or could be broken out at the venue on banners, on the event website, video packages, etc. All materials used a contemporary layout and were produced on a high-quality, on-demand printer for tremendous savings (which allow for a great piece at low counts). In addition to the design, I took care of print management.

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Front side of postcard

Yale Divinity School Annual Fund Challenge materials

YDS was running an end-of-year financial aid challenge and needed a cohesive suite of materials, including a postcard and graphics for social media. In addition to design, I assisted in some social media discussions and handled the print management.

Postcard (PDF opens in new window)

Social Media graphics (PDF opens in new window)

Cropped representation of magazine ad

Amherst Magazine ads

Amherst Promise Campaign ads (PDF opens in new window)
This was an ad series featured in the college magazine and appeared on consecutive right-side pages. These two ads were designed to work together or separately.

For Amherst (PDF opens in new window)
This ad was featured on the interior back cover for Amherst’s day-of-giving, “For Amherst”

Representation of folding brochure

Springfield Technical Community College admissions materials

Below are links to two pieces from a redesign of admissions materials for STCC that make great use of color blocks for look and function. In addition to design, I also made stock recommendations.

Admissions folder and inserts (PDF opens in new window)
STCC needed a new admissions piece for outreach efforts and I came up with a folder + insert package that could be customized and handed out at events or mailed.

9 inch x 12 inch general folder (PDF opens in new window)
I pitched the idea of a new folder in a way that several offices could use it, allowing for a greater product and lowering of per-piece costs.

Screenshot of website

Connecticut State Dental Association annual meeting website

The CSDA needed a new design scheme for their annual conference. I created a logo for the theme and leveraged their color palette to build energy and excitement in all the pieces.

I recreated their older annual meeting site in WordPress, upgrading the site to be dynamic, responsive, and accessibility-minded. The site was also created so that the back-end could easily be maintained by their staff.
Website sample features at go-live last year (PDF opens in new window)
Last year’s program guide (PDF opens in new window)

This year’s site is once again in WordPress and has been updated to function more as a destination site from which visitors get information but will also be linked off to the various parts of the virtual conference in May

View the live site (opens in new window)

Representation of mailer cover

Professor Capó website

Professor Capó was looking for a professionally designed website that will serve as a resource for information about his research, upcoming talks, and academic and public press contributions. I am currently building this website, which will include an easy-to-update back-end for the professor, responsive coding built in for all devices, accessibility best practices, and feature a robust use of color and typography to highlight his content.

Link to the temporary, holding homepage (opens in new window).

In-progress homepage layout on desktop and mobile device (PDF opens in new window)
*Note: this site is under development; please do not share.

Representation of site homepage

Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach website

The CFDO needed a new, modern website that communicates their program information more easily, while also being much easier for staff to maintain content. Their new site, built in WordPress, is responsive across devices, accessibility minded, and has been reorganized to better serve their audience. Before design began, I worked with the client to understand their office resources (for post go-live maintenance), analyzed their older site’s content, and made structural and strategic suggestions to help streamline and highlight their work. I also managed the technical ends of their server space, back-up automation, etc. During the design process, I updated their existing logo for the web, condensed pages and information, leveraged their color palette, and added more direct fundraising and social media capabilities.

The end of the project included a personalized tutorial on how to update their content.

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