Your first impression

Make it with a dynamic, contemporary website that is responsive across devices

Your web presence is often the first introduction people will have to your business, organization, or brand. It should position and showcase your content—your work, your services, your viewpoint—in an engaging manner. Information should be easily found, whether on a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. The harder it is to do that, the greater the risk you may get overlooked.

Whether your site need only be four pages, or forty, you need to have those pages. Social media channels are complementary tools you can use as part of your overall digital strategy, but they can’t do the job alone and they aren’t meant to contain all the content you need to have available for potential customers, clients, etc.

A successful website both effectively communicates your message and is easy for you to update. With that in mind, I use WordPress as the base to build new sites. Combined with a powerful theme, your new website will be designed to perform effectively at go live, as well as structured on the back end so that making changes to text and swapping images afterwards is an easy task.

Affordable investment in your online presence

Your new site will be contemporary, accessibility-minded, and responsive for desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

This structure also has the benefit of easily adding additional features down the line (integrate events, add commerce functionality, etc.).

What’s included

I handle everything from the start through your brand new site’s go-live.

  • URL registration

  • Hosting space procurement with TMD Hosting (a company I highly recommend)

  • Installation of the WordPress platform

  • A fully responsive website, designed and configured

  • All of your content loaded and ready for launch

  • Social media integration

  • Recommendations on site structure and best practices, including accessibility standards

  • A site reference document with your all of your site’s login information and specifications, all in one place

  • A personal tutorial on how to update your website, as well as a cheat-sheet instruction guide for basic maintenance

  • A safety net: two months following go-live, I will answer questions or jump in to help with small edits. And I don’t disappear after launch, I would be happy to help you with additional features to your site as your needs change and/or evolve.

Sample sites done in this model

Connecticut State Dental Association

This website! Eamonn Edge Graphic Design

Professor Julio Capó, Jr.
CSDA Education



Oak & Ash Farm

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